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How Much is Overwhelm and Anxiety Costing Us the Lives We Desire?

Hundreds of sensitive people have entered this life-changing program and community, and are creating vibrant, empowered and resilient lives that honor their sensitivity.

“Nothing I try has worked for me… I’m too broken to fix…”

I hear these words far too often, and they break my heart.

But, I get it. The constant setbacks, the chronic “almosts”... almost got the raise, almost hit the goal, almost got out of debt, almost finished the project... When you’re a sensitive soul, it can seem like you’re not cut out for this world. At least, not cut out for success in this world.

After awhile, it can feel like any chance at feeling confident or worthy is just out of reach.

But, what I’ve learned over ten years of supporting and mentoring sensitive souls is that we’re actually FAR from being “broken”.

The REAL problem is that us sensitive souls have built up layers of defenses and coping mechanisms that end up “protecting” us from the life we want… And very few coaches, programs, or even books consider that we need a totally different set of tools than most folks in order to change our lives.

Our protective layers, personas, attitudes, and habits are rooted in our nervous systems. And while these patterns once helped us fit into—and sometimes simply survive—the families, workplaces and relationships we found ourselves in… They’re no longer a help, they’re a hindrance.

We’re survivors. We’re not broken. We’ve just never been taught how to embrace the gifts of our sensitivity. Until now.

So, lemme ask you...

What if boundaries felt good to set and easy to uphold?

What if you could stop being such a perfectionist?

What if you could stop procrastinating on the things you know you need to do?

What if you could truly be OKAY with not everyone liking or needing you?

What if you trusted yourself, no matter what happens?

As a fellow highly sensitive empath, I'm here to tell you that these things ARE actually possible for you. 

And, the good news is that—to create them—you don't have to toughen up. You're NOT too sensitive for success. You absolutely DO "have what it takes." 

You can swap perfectionism for courage.

You can swap procrastination for participation.

You can swap people-pleasing for self-worth.

You just need to develop what we call "Rockstar  RESILIENCE" to feel safe with your BIG dreams.

Resilience that I didn't use to have, either...

In a life far, far away from my truth...

before baby

I used to be
a Good Girl.

Until I tore my life apart, my biggest fear was being a disappointment. (Well, I was fine with disappointing myself. Disappointing other people? Not so much.)

In school, my grades were stellar. After getting my practical college degree, I set about creating what looked like a perfect life.

But my white-picket-fenced beach house, golden retriever, and college-sweetheart husband didn’t paint the full picture.

Underneath the surface, I was a mess of anxiety, addictions, and numbness. 

The breaking point came unexpectedly about a year after my son was born. One day, while working from home at the job I hated, I looked down at my baby and realized that—without lying to his face—I would never be able to tell him, “You can be whoever you want to be when you grow up!"

Because I was too scared to do that, myself.

And with that electrifying admission, I knew that tuning out, numbing out, and playing it safe were not okay anymore.

It’s terrifying to admit that your life's gotta change, isn't it?

But, the truth also feels like a gulp of oxygen after nearly drowning.

What was my truth?

That, for my whole life, I’d believed the voices that told me I was too sensitive, too unrealistic, too MUCH. And because of it, I’d stuffed my real self away and built someone else's dream life; not my own.

The truth was that I had abandoned myself.

Fast forward to now...


Over the last decade, I've worked hard to soften my shell and let myself feel MY feelings + honor my needs (instead just everyone else's).

I've learned to savor the sweetness of a truly authentic life.

Now, I navigate the murky waters of life with a resilient heart.

I'm proud to be an empath, a poet, an artist, a successful business owner, a published author, a podcast producer…

My powerful, totally unique methodology has supported hundreds of healers, coaches, parents, teachers, and even clinically-trained therapists, nurses, and doctors around the world to combat compassion fatigue, serve better, earn more, and better understand how a highly sensitive nervous system functions and thrives.

Embracing my sensitivity (and learning to work WITH it) has not only set ME free... It's helped me empower kind sensitive badasses everywhere.

Learning to prioritize your needs so that you can step into your purpose is the opposite of selfish, love.

I’m here to help you find your ALIVENESS again. To create the right life for YOU, in ways that feel good and true—for the best and highest good of ALL beings.

Sensitivity IS Strength, period.

Let’s flip the effing script, shall we?

What Empowers in You


...what it will feel like when you shift from being overwhelmed, numb, resentful, and burnt out to resilient, confident, energizedgenerous, and purpose-full.

It Is Possible.

finally shows you HOW to actually live like that:
All. The. Time.

We'll be exploring...

This high-level coaching program and training system was created for tuned-in sensitive souls like you; people who are ready to HONOR the whispers inside of themselves.

With a nudge from me and a powerful set of tools... you can discover, refine, and—most importantly—TRUST your gifts; setting you on a sustainable path to purpose and positive impact.

I created this life-altering program because our world needs more sensitive souls who are empowered, and... it's already happening!

One of my  alum is now using their high-powered corporate position to help shape their company's future by co-writing their Core Values. They knew business as usual wasn’t going to cut it anymore—professionally or personally.

The ripple effects of this work are just beginning, and they're only going to amplify.

Brew up a cup of peppermint tea and let's dig into the coaching, mentorship, and training that you’ll get when you join…

The foundation of our life-changing program is our Empathology Method™ coaching system.

When you join us, you receive lifetime access to skilled bi-monthly group coaching sessions that facilitate your progress through the Resilient Rockstar Framework.

Your support does not end when you “complete” your training, but walks with you as you continue to navigate life, love, and happiness as a sensitive soul. Although results can and do happen VERY fast with this process, the “work” never ends… There is always a new level of resilience to build. So why would you invest in anything BUT a long term support structure?

Lifetime Group Coaching Value: $3,997/year

You’ll also receive lifetime access to the core training of , which is delivered to you in an easy-to-digest, nervous system friendly format that reduces overwhelm and supports your inevitable success.





EMPATH*ology module example

When you become an expert on your own nervous system—you'll finally understand how to stop “protecting” yourself in ways that hold you back.

You'll learn the latest science to fully understand your exhaustion & anxiety, and why it's hard for you to follow through on things (even when you KNOW what you need to do). Understanding your Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn responses will show you how to ground, calm, and center yourself, even in the most stressful situations.

Inside Module 1, You'll Explore:

  • What a sensitive nervous system looks like and why conventional coaching + advice actually backfires and causes more harm than good
  • How to partner with your autonomic nervous system as a sensitive soul
  • How the “4 F's" show up in your life and how it shapes your response to everything
  • Discover healthy allies that will help you soothe frayed nerves, no Netflix required
EMPATH*ology module example

3 minutes and 50 seconds into the first video and I had to stop because ? ? ? the implications just blew my mind!

I need some time to process those dots connecting.

...Bodes well for the incredible value we're going to get out of this program!

Allegra West

Estel Consulting




EMPATH*ology module example

You'll learn how to work with all SIX of your senses so you can stay calm and focused, no matter what is going on.

You'll become an expert at “sensory gating"—empowering you to choose which senses to use (immediately relieving sensory overload) AND shift you out of the chaotic, messy, and stressful state you often default to. We’ll also develop your intuitive abilities, helping you boost your self-trust and confidence.

Inside Module 2, You'll Explore:

  • What sensory gating does and why putting limits on your senses can actually be a good thing
  • The magic of sight, perception & deeper vision as you learn to shift perspective to your benefit
  • How sound and listening can be modified to enhance and improve connections between yourself and the world
  • Syncing with our most ancient of sensory skills: scent and how to utilize this power for immediate sensory relief
  • Digestion & how to shift patterns around emotional eating
EMPATH*ology module example

I wanted to say how unique and powerful this thing is that you’ve created!

I’ve never seen this subject explained in so much clarity. I love that you give us practices that are simple and not overwhelming in their form and yet so potent & effective!

...It feels like I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life (or more?) and I am finally getting the answers.

Petra S.

Empathology™ Alumni




EMPATH*ology module example

Learn to honor yourself with bold, beautiful, and gentle boundaries that offer clarity and emotional safety for everyone!

I’ll help you develop all FIVE kinds of boundaries: mental, physical, energetic, emotional, and communication. Learn to create truly Resilient Boundaries that hold you steady and help you feel protected without shutting people out. It’s time to feel safe to BEAM OUT your light.

Inside Module 3, You'll Explore:

  • Shielding; the rare occasions it's appropriate and why it often does more harm than good
  • Your connection to yourself and the self-trust that is so essential for developing your personal integrity
  • Where your boundaries begin, how “boundary privilege" works and establishing your own internal boundaries
  • Establishing boundaries around the emotions of yourself and others to help you stay centered
  • Effective physical boundary tools and practices that will help you feel secure and safe in the world
  • Ways to use Energy Body techniques to rewrite unconscious contracts that have you taking on other people's stuff, including your own ancestors and past lives
  • Cleansing unwanted/non-beneficial energies so that you remain centered and strong
EMPATH*ology module example

The coaching and validation from Lola and her team is by far the most held I have ever felt.

I jumped in with some resistance and skepticism (for good measure) and am really enjoying my experience.

Thanks to everyone for being here in the co-creation!

Kellyann Ahern

Health + Nourishment Coach




EMPATH*ology module example

With this Nervous System know-how, you'll never be tempted to "toughen up" again.

Boundaries are a tricky topic... When you start actually having some, you must be equipped to handle any and all “Boundary Backlash” that comes your way, including how to kindly deal with loved ones’ concern, worry, and other misunderstandings that predictably appear when you start taking up space. Prepare for real-life scenarios by training your nerves like a ninja. Hello, (kind, sensitive) badass!

Inside Module 4, You'll Explore:

  • The side effects of establishing your boundaries, why pushback can be expected, and ways to stay more solid in your Self when it comes in
  • Healthy ways to harness your Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn reactions, so that you can go from reactive to responsive
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of falling into old, non-beneficial habits
  • What no one is telling you about the process of “expansion" so you can stop feeling ashamed of your messy personal growth
EMPATH*ology module example

I have gotten so much from EMPATHOLOGY.

I wanted to thank you for all you have given me in your powerful love, presence, and courage to stand up, speak out and be real.

I will carry this with me forever as I create, love, show up, and remember. Lots of love. ❤️

Madeleine Eames





End your patterns of "almost" making it happen for yourself, once and for all!

Upper limits, be gone! I’ll show you three major places that fear of success (and failure) come from, and systematically put them to rest, one by one. I’ll even provide you all the resources to set inspiring goals in a heart-centered way (that works)! It's time to shine, love!

Inside Module 5, You'll Explore:

  • Visibility, fear, success and why they are so closely related for Empaths and sensitive people
  • Redefining success on your terms and recalibrating yourself to align with the success that's already here
  • Boosting your capacity for being seen and mapping out a strategy for supporting yourself during the challenges of increased visibility
  • Practicing and working your visibility muscles in order for others to see you, and—most importantly—for you to see yourself
  • How to replace envy and jealousy (and with what), so that you stop sabotaging your success
EMPATH*ology module example
EMPATH*ology module example

I just sold my first piece of custom art and sold out of my first line of products!

I’d been trying to create pieces that I thought would make other people happy instead of myself; but all it did was waste time – hours and hours of work! I ended up throwing out those pieces and instead I sold out of the ones I love. (It turns out, that's what my customers wanted, too!) And it’s all contributing to a bigger mission that I’m so proud to be a part of.

I wouldn’t have put myself out there at all had it not been for you and this work.

Michelle S.





EMPATH*ology module example

Finally learn HOW to create the friendships and partnership you've always dreamed of!

Now that you feel solid in your gifts and are unafraid to live your offensively awesome life, you can focus on building + feeding the kinds of relationships you want (and gently ditch the rest).

Inside Module 6, You'll Explore:

  • Releasing yourself from the weight of guilt that isn't yours to hold—learn to resist the sticky lure of co-dependency and attachment
  • The Art of Resilient Intimacy, taught by Lola and her soulmate husband Tigre
  • Creating and nurturing healthy friendships that honor your sensitivities without unwanted emotional dumping
  • Taking your resilience into the workplace with entrepreneurship and leadership training for empaths!
EMPATH*ology module example

I wouldn't be able to process my “stuff" as well or as gently if not for the work here.

It's been very interesting to feel the birds-eye-view with this work, seeing my self and patterns and responses from above. It's been a bit like a superpower.

SO much love and gratitude for this space and this work.

Jason Yocum

Art Director & Graphic Designer

⚡️ PLUS, YOU'LL GET LIFETIME ACCESS TO MY Resilience Resource & Training Library ⚡️

When life hands you a sticky situation you’re not sure how to handle, check the Resilience Resource library, where we have situation-specific guides, trainings, and even in-depth courses to support your growth.

When you join you’ll get instant access to these resources and more... Here are just a few of our most popular resources:

Communicate Your Needs Clearly—With Anyone

$297 Value

Learn how to speak your truth (and be heard), and walk away from your “I’m always misunderstood” stories once and for all. This program will give you the words you might be missing to connect more deeply with loved ones and all the vital people in your life. This FIFTH realm of boundaries is so essential that we broke it out into its own training.

The Prosperity Pattern
Learn to Love (and Grow) Your Money

$997 Value

Together, you and I will redefine what money really means at a subconscious level, clear out any mental and emotional blockages around it, and free you from being overpowered by it (it’s all connected to your nervous system)!

You will finally separate MONEY from WORTH, so you can have a healthy outlook and response to money, thereby attracting (and keeping) more of it in your life.

Intimacy Bonus Bundle
Heal and grow your capacity to give and receive intimacy!

$497 Value

Instant access to my powerful Amplify Intimacy course to help you get intimate with yourself, PLUS our Empowered Partnership Workshop to empower you in creating a sexy, authentic, expressed partnership (without compromising your integrity or disappearing into co-dependency).

These courses blend herbalism, meditation, and playwork to help tone and strengthen your capacity for intimacy and connection.

Meditation Lounge
Guided Meditation Lounge
Rituals, Visualizations, and Healing Sessions

$197 Value

I use these meditations on the daily in my own life. My guided meditation lounge—with specific meditations for grounding, anxiety relief, and healing—is one of our community's most-loved, most-used bonus resources.

PLUS, you’ll become a lifetime member of the Resilience Rising™ Community
Group Connection & Support among Equally-Invested Badasses!

$2,997 Value

Connect with me and a global village of like-hearted, empath-friendly soul family while discovering your unique path to your purpose and positive impact.

This is a space where you can be gentle with yourself and face your fears of being seen without fear of judgment. We craft a very empowering and powerful container that offers deep healing to those of us who have been wounded by group dynamics, toxic mentorship, or peer rejection in the past.

 There’s nothing I love more than seeing our collective energy lift each other up inside this community.

Get full-spectrum Rockstar Resilience NOW when you join !

Join by March 11th @ 11:59PM (PST) and get ready to tap into who you've always meant to be.

Or, keep scrollin' for more deets + inspo...

But, is definitely
NOT for Everyone...

Our members say that is the most in-depth, balanced, grounded, and practical training to build energetic, emotional, and financial resiliency.

It's deep, beautiful, and digestible, making it possible for you to be inspired AND take action. To understand AND embody. It focuses your intention and attention so that you can become that Resilient Rockstar much more quickly than you could on your own.

It approaches resilience, boundaries, and the nervous system like no other program out there (and we have the praise to prove it—scroll up in case ya missed it!)

Yet... it isn't for everyone.

If you're looking for a quick-fix, an InstaShield™, or some other magic bullet, is not for you.

is designed to equip you with sustainable resiliency in all areas of your life, so that you can continually value, trust, and support yourself... No matter what comes your way.

So, if you just wanna be told what to do and not learn to trust yourself, you can keep looking.

If you're already in radiantly healthy relationships, have boundless energy, easily say no without guilt, and can quickly discern between your feelings and other people's, isn't for you.

To get the most out of , you need to be open-minded, coachable, and fully DONE with feeling like being sensitive is a burden in your life.

Finally, if you're not highly sensitive, empathic, purpose-driven, and craving to thrive in all areas of your life, this isn't the right program for you. is built for kind, sensitive badasses who won't let their sensitivity, fears or beliefs hold them back anymore.

If that sounds like you—and you're finally ready to show up for yourself and your purpose—I promise you that and all of the associated resources will be your most powerful ally in this process.

I believe in this work—and YOU—so much that I'll even
guarantee it.

I'm going to give you a YEAR—yep, a full 365 days—to work through   and prove to yourself that you CAN create these powerful results in your own life. If it doesn't, then all you need to do is contact my team and they'll be happy to return your investment to you.

But, I'm not going to deny it... there is one thing you gotta do first.

The work. You've gotta show us (and yourself) that you actually did the work.

And, our reasoning for this is a no-brainer... Nothing will ever change for you unless you change. You need to show up for yourself in this process; it’s required to actually follow through on your intentions.

People sometimes believe that pressing the buy button is what will erase their problems. They’ll purchase a program and think that the work is done. But, a couple of months down the road, they haven’t even watched the welcome video, and they’re asking for a refund; telling themselves that they made the wrong investment.

This program won’t work unless you do!

And we’re going to HELP you follow through on your goal. But, if you’ve already decided that you can’t show up for yourself; if you’re not motivated to make changes in your life, then don’t do this. Save your money. Save my team and I the payment processing headache. I can’t want this more for you than you want it for yourself... #empathproblems


If you’re willing to show up, utterly devoted to your purpose and potential, then this is one of the most liberating, empowering guarantees you'll ever receive.

Because, we're giving you a full year to go through all of the video modules. A full year to practice, revisit, refine, & implement your practices with our coaches by your side... A full year to power yourself up, to build those resilience muscles. A full year to get support when you need it in the community and on the coaching calls.

A full year to go from “almost" to “look at me now".

Or you get your money back.

So, here's the agreement I'm making with you...

I'm promising you a proven path to build the emotional, mental, energetic, and physical resilience that you didn’t even know was possible for someone like you. By guiding you from being an overwhelmed, stuck, drained invisible sensitive to the Resilient Rockstar your purpose needs you to be. By giving you the tools, rituals, perspective shifts, community, coaching, and resources you need so that you can succeed because of your sensitivity, not in spite of it.

But ya gotta want it.

You need to be open-minded and willing to do the work. And if you're not planning to do that (even if it scares you), then please don’t invest any more time with this.

So, to sum things up...

You work with this incredible, high-level coaching program and resilience training for a full 12 months. If you're not absolutely thrilled at the difference in your resiliency...

If you're not in awe of your ability to stand up for yourself, set boundaries, focus, and show up for your loved ones without being totally drained...Simply let our team know, show them all the work that you've done, and we will send your entire investment back to you.

If that's not generous, then I don't know what is.

So, with your resilience all but guaranteed, you're probably asking yourself...

"OK, how much for me to join?"

empowers you to get the full-spectrum resiliency you need to thrive… Something that’s not even CONSIDERED in many coaching programs… Programs that are usually short-term, with cookie-cutter formulas, and cost upwards of $10K-$15K.  (You might have already been burned by one of those)...

Then there’s therapy, which can be helpful (sometimes), but can also run $150-$500 a session and you never know how many weeks, months, or years you’ll be sitting on that couch. It can also be a frustrating game of whack-a-mole to try and find a therapist that actually understands the unique needs of a highly sensitive nervous system.

We’ve supported many people who’ve been MORE traumatized and wounded by the very people who were supposed to help them, but simply weren’t equipped to.

And the truth is, is also NOT on a par with a $250 psychic reading or healing consult where someone else holds your keys.

This isn’t information you can find by googling because every nervous system is different. (You can’t google what you don’t know that you don’t know!)

This is an investment in yourself that pays you back HUGELY in return.

This more-than-fair investment will keep paying forward for the rest of your life. By empowering you to stop protecting yourself from your own success, and to learn how to help others without hurting yourself in the process.

It's the (r)evolution that liberates you from the exhaustion and overwhelm that keep you stuck, safe, and living a life that's too small for your dreams.

It's the SAME foundation that I offer to my $30k VIP private clients, but at a fraction of the cost.

And when you compare all of that to the actual investment and what it will make possible in your life, then it's a pretty easy decision.

Because I am devoted to making as accessible as possible to as many sensitive souls who want to unapologetically live their purpose…

Lifetime access to my high-level coaching program is just $1,997.

However—because I’m hearing from more people than ever who are being called to radically change their lives…

I’ve offering a 6-installment plan to help you say yes for just $397. (Or you can go all-in and save almost $400.)

Yep, you read that right!

Until this Thursday at 11:59pm PST, you can join us inside for just $397 today or $1,997 all in!

So, Let's Review!

When you join , you'll get Lifetime access to our proprietary Empathology Method group coaching to answer your questions, help you implement and embody the Resilient Rockstar framework, expand your mind, open your heart, erase doubts, and shift you from resistance to resilience in all parts of your life.

Value: $3,997
  • You'll also get access to the core life-changing training content—divided into 6 easy-to-digest modules, filled with videos, playwork, practices, and resources that transform you from an overwhelmed and exhausted invisible sensitive to a purpose-full, radiant Resilient Rockstar. Value: $1,997
  • Plus, you get my proven and powerful SOUL*Speak communication course for sensitive souls that makes setting the fifth element of boundaries a breeze Value: $297
  • All of my anxiety-relieving, soul-inspiring, energy-healing meditations and power-channeling rituals Value: $197
  • Plus, you're getting my scarcity-ending, bank-account-boosting Prosperity Pattern training program Value: $997
  • Access to my husband and business co-visionary Tigre! For even more holistic mentorship and support on calls and in the community Value: $2,997
  • The Intimacy Bonus Bundle so that you can create inspired and healthy love relationships Value: $497
  • Access to our exclusive online Soul Identity Accelerator workshop so that you can better access and express your Soul Self Value: $247
  • All of the above, PLUS additional trainings in the Resilience Resource Library that is continually growing with new content that varies from soulful marketing, navigating anxiety, negotiations and more! Value: $497

And finally, Lifetime access to the Resilience Rising community for soul family connections, additional coaching, peer support, and surprises

Value: $2,997

That makes everything you're getting worth well over $14,000!

($14,720 to be precise)

Now it's Up to You
Which Choice You'll Make...

The first choice is to choose to stay the same. And as you already know, if you want to change your life, you have to change your life.

So, if you already know that you need more resilience to actually live your purpose, express yourself freely, and re-pattern your thinking, neural pathways, and behavior, then your choice is plain: join us inside and start your transformation to becoming the Resilient Rockstar you know you're meant to be.

Simply click the button below and Tigre, I, and your entire future Soul Family community will be waiting for you on the other side!

But, if you're still going back and forth, wondering whether now is the “right” time to take the leap, allow me to share one last reflection with you. Maybe you're thinking something like...

“This all sounds amazing, but I just don't have the time, energy, or money right now."

Welp, here's a little loving reflection from one recovering-people-pleaser to another: This means you're not making the choice. This means you're letting something outside of yourself make the choice for you.

And, as I'm sure you can see by now, that's not how a resourceful Resilient Rockstar thinks.

You see, our circumstances are dependent on how we perceive them. When we allow things like time, money, or energy to become the “reasons" we don't do something, it's actually a sign that we're not willing to take responsibility for our choices. We're not ready to stop protecting ourselves from the impact that we say we want to make.

But, your calling isn't gonna wait until it's a “good" time for you to pick up the phone.

Instead, one of three things will happen: Your purpose will start calling someone else. Or stop calling altogether. Or keep screaming until you answer. (Ask me how I know this one.)

Resilience always finds a way to respond. Resilience helps you safely stretch beyond your perceived limitations.

Resilient Rockstars understand this.

And now, so do you.

Please Note:

OK... If you're like some folks reading this page, you may be thinking, "I WANT to join , but I cannot afford it."

I hear you. The very fact that you're here on this page means that you already know you need a training like to help you go beyond knowing who you're here to be & what you're here to do, and build the resiliency required to actually BECOME that person.

Plus, the fact that you're on this page means that you haven't found that training yet, because—if you had—you wouldn't still be looking for it, right?

And although by now, I'm sure it's clear that there will be a HUGE return on investment for you, perhaps what isn't as clear is that there is also a huge Cost of Inaction when you allow your resistance to protect you from your growth.

There's one vital question I would ask yourself right now.

“Am I willing to take 100% responsibility in my life, or am I not?"

If you aren't, then there is a high price to pay... The price of continuing down the path of burnout, overwhelm, boundarylessness, and all the compounding side effects of Sensitivity Stress Complex (SSC).

When you acknowledge that, then the question changes into a statement.

“I can't afford NOT to make this happen." 

If you're more willing to pay the high price of SSC than the small investment in this work, then do you know what that means? It means that you're letting your sensitivity get the best of you, instead of it being the best and most powerful thing about you.

You absolutely HAVE what it takes to make this program—AND everything else you dream of—happen in your life.

In fact, as a Highly Sensitive Empath, you're actually MADE to face the discomfort of growth. I know that to be true, but this will only be your truth if you choose to believe it and act in accordance to it.

So, let's revisit that single-most important question to ask yourself:

Are you willing to take 100% responsibility in your life, or not?

If you are, then get signed up for .

And if you're not, you can absolutely close this window now.

(& don't ruminate too long).

Because we don't keep the doors open.

Enrollment for is only open until March 11th. After that, doors will be closed for quite some time.

Since the present moment is all we have, I'm sure you'll agree that there will never be a better time than now to live your purpose.

You CAN do this. With resilience, you CAN step into your calling, channel your gifts for the greater good, and no longer need to sacrifice yourself in the process.

My whole team, community, and I will be there to support you.

Please, love. Don't waste a single precious moment wondering what if?

Join us now, and learn how to rock this One Wild and Precious Life like it's all ya got.

Your Resilience is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make.


Start for just $397 today!

?  Or Click to Save & Go
All-In for $1997

  • Access To All 6 Powerful Modules, Group Coaching Calls + Resources
  • Bonus: SOUL*Speak
  • Bonus: The Prosperity Pattern
  • Bonus: Intimacy Package
  • Bonus: Meditation Library
  • Bonus: Soul Identity Accelerator
  • Private Resilience Rising Community 24/7/365
  • Lifetime Access to the Training + Coaching



Starts at $24,997

(Payment Plans Available)
  • Access To All 6 Powerful Modules of EMPATH*ology, Lives + Bonuses
  • Bonus: SOUL*Speak
  • Bonus: The Prosperity Pattern
  • Bonus: Intimacy Package
  • Bonus: Meditation Library
  • Bonus: Soul Identity Accelerator
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Branding & Creative Direction consulting
  • Proven Plug-and-Play Processes and Behind-the-scenes access to exactly how we run our multiple 6-figure business
  • Bi-Weekly One-on-One Coaching
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Our A's to Your Q's

No need to stay awake mulling on all your questions around enrolling in because I've got answers for YOU!

I've gathered a list of the common questions we receive. If—after you've read through these and there's still something missing—then we encourage you to reach out to our team so we can help you get clear!

I'm tempted to try and do this on my own

It IS tempting isn't it? After all, so many of us are used to muscling through, shouldering more than our fair share, and “doing it all ourselves" because either we believe that it will be faster to just do it on our own, or that no one else really gets it.

Plus, we're just so TIRED and group dynamics or working with someone new can feel exhausting to consider, right? Just one more thing on the to do list?

But, let me ask you this.... Where are YOU on your to do list? And who is holding you accountable to prioritize yourself and the things that you probably already know you need to do but can't quite follow through on?

How has it gone for you so far to try and change those patterns for good on your own?

There's a reason you're here in this space.... A reason this work calls to you. And even though it's overwhelming to consider devoting time and energy to doing this work supported by a community + skilled facilitators, isn't it at least a little more overwhelming to imagine taking it all on yourself (again)?

I’m just a baby empath - newly discovered… Is this gonna be too advanced for me?

Nope! Freshies are TOTALLY welcome. Inside Empathology™, we teach everything we WISH we’d known from the very beginning… Information that empowers you to truly harness your superpowered sensitivity. Isn’t it better to learn how to do that sooner than later?

And if you’re worried you’ll get overwhelmed by Empathology™, don’t be. 

We don’t just throw you into the program and let you fend for yourself! We give you a clear path to follow with plenty of room to take it all in at your own pace…

With lifetime access, you have all the time in the world to move through this life-changing material; you’ll never need to go faster than your nervous system can handle.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m an empath. I’ve read all the books… How will this help me?

If you’re here in this space with us, then it means that—even with a long-standing awareness of being Highly Sensitive and Empathic—that something’s still missing from what you want your life to look and feel like, right?

Just knowing who we are and how we’re made isn’t enough to help us change our lives… It’s an essential place to arrive at (and it happens sooner for some than for others), but then the question becomes HOW do I work with this knowledge? HOW do I actualize my purpose and calling? 

And while you might believe that the next best place for you to go is to learn strategies to advance your career, or pursue a certification program of some kind, apply for an advanced degree, or take some other personal growth training; without full spectrum resilience, you won’t be able to actualize those programs, either! 

Without resilience, those kinds of trainings just add to your “shelf help” collection or gather digital dust somewhere in your computer… 

If you want to make the most of the programs you’ve probably already bought OR that you have your eye on, do yourself a HUGE favor and focus on building a resilient foundation now. So that your nervous system doesn’t keep protecting you from the next level.

What if I tend to start things but not finish them?

My love, very often this is an indication of an overloaded nervous system, rather than a character flaw. There’s nothing wrong with you! Once you train your nerves to be more resilient, you’re quite likely to find that—despite your past experiences—you can focus, you’re not afraid to bring projects to completion, and it’s actually FUN to get things done.

Plus, we designed this program in ways that are grounded in brain science AND HSP-friendly to help you finally finish what you start.

I'm afraid this will change me/my life too much...

Oh love, we’ve been there! And, we know that, at some point (you might not be there yet, and that’s okay)... You will feel more scared NOT to change your life. 

There will ALWAYS be fear that walks with us. It’s part and parcel with being a human, especially when you’re also super sensitive. 

What Empathology™ will offer to you—when you’re more scared of things NEVER changing—is the resilience to partner with your fear, gain clarity of when it’s fear speaking vs. when it’s your intuition... All wrapped in a cozy hug of a community who is rooting for your courage; every shaky step of the way.

When does the program begin?

When you join, you'll receive instant access to our empowering welcome training, including Module Zero, which trains you how to make this the BEST training and coaching experience you've ever had.

You'll also receive the keys to your Resilience Resource library, filled with situation-specific resources for the journey ahead.

Module One (the Nervous System) will be released to you a few days after you’ve had space to absorb Module Zero.

From there, the remaining powerful pillars of resilience will be opened—one week at a time—with integration breaks between Modules Three and Four and again between Modules Five and Six:

2: Sensory Resilience

3: Resilient Boundaries

4: Nervous System Resilience

5: Radiate + Rise: Resilient Visibility

6: Resilient Relationships

Once all 6 pillars have been released, your lifetime access activates!

This means that you do NOT have to rush to complete the content each week. You can take as much or as little time as you need. Bring your inevitable questions and challenges to the community space or hop into an upcoming coaching call. 

You get to embrace your pace so that this growth and evolution feels safe to your WHOLE being.

It's the only way to make new patterns "stick" when you have a sensitive nervous system.

In this space, there is literally no such thing as being "behind" on your work.

No pressure, whatsoever.

Breathing room.

What a relief, right?

How much time will this take each week?

We intentionally release the content at a nervous-system friendly pace and include integration breaks in the schedule for better absorption and embodiment of what you’re learning.

With lifetime access to the materials, you can make as much time as feels good to you to go through the lessons.

The lessons themselves are digestible and include simple videos, audios, transcripts, and practices to help you not just consume the content, but to CREATE CHANGE with what you’re learning…. That’s what you’re here to do, right?

When are the Group Coaching calls?

You might be concerned about not being able to make it LIVE to every single coaching call. And, the good news is that you don't have to.

Not only do you have lifetime access to ALL of our bi-monthly group coaching calls. But, we also provide recordings AND plan our calls to accommodate a wide variety of schedules and time zones.

Plus, our “time traveling" replay watchers tell us consistently that witnessing their fellow community members receive coaching answers questions they didn't even know they had!

Time travelers can also pause the recording (bonus!) to take notes and absorb/reflect on what's being shared.

So, don't put any pressure on yourself to try and attend every call live. TRUST that you will receive exactly what you need, no matter when you watch the coaching calls.

It’s unbelievable for anybody to dare and sell their services during these times...

We understand your concern - plenty of unethical businesses have been capitalizing on all the chaos, right? But many others have chosen to come in during this time and offer real solutions to the frightening problems we face as individuals and as a collective.

Resilience—what we teach you how to build inside Empathology™—is one of those solutions, because resilience gives you more options in your life, regardless of how intense things get “out there”...

Wouldn’t you agree that, right now, VERY few highly sensitive empaths are thriving - financially, emotionally, or otherwise? Which means very few HSPs hold serious financial power or are in positions of leadership to actually CHANGE things; much less feeling empowered in their daily lives, right?

This leaves most HSP-empaths feeling broke (financially and emotionally), trapped in low-quality marriages and other shitty relationships, buried by anxiety, resentment, and burnout, and constantly seeking relief in ways that only temporarily numb us out.

Resilience gives you OPTIONS. The option to leave a toxic situation, to fully be present for your kids, to care for your loved ones without losing yourself, to dare to enjoy a beautiful life, and—of course—to do good things for our world.

Resilience gives you freedom and power—two things that are not only terrifying to consider, but which have also been systematically taken away from sensitive people; the witches, healers, alchemists, and nurturers…

It’s way past time to rise up and reclaim our power, don’t you think?

How do I get my partner on board with me taking this program?

If you know that Empathology™ is exactly what you need and is the best choice for you, then it’s important to ground into that internal knowing. You can share with your partner that you’ll be joining us (please don’t keep secrets!), and that you hope that they’ll support your choice, but also that you trust yourself even if they don’t quite understand why you’re doing this.

In many cases, this is what our partners need to hear. They need to know that we believe in ourselves enough to do whatever it takes to transform our lives. Even when it comes to making what could feel like a “scary” investment.

If you KNEW for sure you would have the transformation you were searching for in Empathology™, would you stay in fear or hesitation or would you stand up for yourself and for YOUR desires?

I want you to fully consider what’s possible for your life when you believe in yourself enough to respectfully ask for support, but are no longer seeking permission.

I don't tend to put other people's needs ahead of my own... Would this program still help me?

Absolutely. Empathology™ is highly applicable to folks who don’t necessarily have a pattern of self-sacrifice/martyr-ing. This is because there are MANY expressions of our various flight/fight/freeze/fawn patterns; and though many empaths “fawn” or people-please as a defense mechanism, many others don’t.

But, regardless of our primary “F” types, until we learn what the heck IS going on with our nervous systems (and take our ingrained patterns of protection off autopilot), we won’t really be able to get out of our own way and do what we’re here to do.

In Modules One and Four, we illuminate and explore all of the F-responses and help you rewire your auto-pilot protection mechanisms into intentional, beneficial versions. (There IS such a thing as a healthy fight, flight, freeze, and fawn—and this is where you'll learn what that will look like for you.)

What has helped other Empathology™ Members get the most out of this training?

1. DEEP COMMITMENT Showing up FULLY for the work—'cause all lasting change takes work. The members I've seen grow the most and with the most lasting success were the ones willing to COMMIT TO SHOWING UP, doing the PlayWork & prompts, asking quality questions, and getting back on the proverbial horse when the inevitable bumps of life are tossed their way.

2. 100% RESPONSIBILITY I've been called many things—thankfully most of them are nice. Sometimes mean things have been uttered when someone didn't want to be RESPONSIBLE for their growth. They wanted to make me the reason they weren't reaching for their purpose and dreams. Our Members who SUCCEED in this work are the ones who OWN that every action—or inaction—is a CHOICE that they are making. Not me. Not their partner. Not their parent(s). Not society. Them.

3. HUMILITY When we enter into ANY experience feeling and acting like there's nothing to learn, guess what we receive? NOTHING! The Empathology™ Members that embody their Rockstar Resilience the most are the ones that dare to be HUMBLE. When we embrace that there's always more to know we OPEN OURSELVES up to powerful and instantaneous evolution and growth!

Can I join if I am unwilling to explore the ways I’ve internalized oppressive cultural structures (like racism, misogyny, or patriarchy)?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Part of full-spectrum resilience is being able to look at, unpack, and heal from these toxic dynamics that play out in our larger economic and political systems around the world. 

Suppression of women, non-gender-conforming folx, LGBTQI, and Black, Brown, and Indigenous People of Color IS suppression of sensitivity, wouldn’t you agree? 

To be the change that we want to see in the world, we must courageously face these shadows - both in ourselves and in the systems we collectively create. While this is not a topic we will be addressing directly inside the course, it’s important for our increasingly (and intentionally) diverse community’s emotional safety that you know where we stand as a company on such issues.

I absolutely cannot tolerate cursing of any kind (sensitive people shouldn’t swear), nor do I believe that “fun” of any kind is appropriate for such deep work! Should I join Empathology™?


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