Case Study Interview

We'd love to hear your story of evolution: from before , during your time with the course (which—of course—is ongoing), and who/where you are in your life today as a result of this work.

The more raw/imperfect/relatable your story is, the better! We celebrate and uplift ALL transformations in this space. There's no change too insignificant, as we know that sometimes the smallest shifts create the biggest ripple effects.

Case Study Written Interview
(As an example, my handle is @moonandmanifest, so my URL is
Be specific. Imagine a video camera was following you around in that moment - what would the camera capture? What about how you navigated this is different than before?
Which skills/approaches would you say have set you up for success with this work?
(Check all that apply)
Share what you love about it, too!
If you'd like to be featured as a video case study, you can record your answers to these questions (and anything else you'd like to share, of course!) using the FREE software at Once your video is recorded (the more organic and imperfect, the better), copy and paste the video link above.

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