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Welcome to Root + Remember!

Congrats on this brave and momentous YES to yourself!!

I am so thrilled you've decided to join us for ROOT + REMEMBER (formerly called Empathology)!

You'll be receiving two emails from us:

  1. An email from PFI with your purchase receipt
  2. A welcome email with your login credentials
Welcome Empathology Email and Receipt MacBook Illustration

What to do next!


Open your welcome email and login to the program

Please do this FIRST so that all the links below get turned on!


As a new student, begin with the "Start Here" welcome training & set yourself up for success


After completing "Start Here", continue on to "Module 0"


Visit the "Coaching" page to add our coaching schedule to your calendar, and plan to attend our next bi-monthly coaching call


Join our nurturing private community.

Sharing and being visible is challenging so let's practice in this safe space!

Don't Panic.
You Did This On Purpose.
There Will Be Snacks.

I can't wait to get to know you and see what unfolds and becomes available to you and what you're here to step into.

Yours in Remembering...


Need Support?

Account or tech support?

Reach out via our contact form.

Need support related to your work in Empathology?

Be sure to join and post your thoughts, situation, or question in "Resilience Rising"; or submit a coaching call question on the "Coaching" page!